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Coolgardie RSL

Coolgardie is an historic gold mining town, set within Western Australias goldfields region. Gold was discovered here in 1892 and Coolgardie quickly boomed into WAs 3rd largest town during its hay-day.
The town is now host to a population of 800 and has maintained much of its historic beauty and charm. Its wide streets are lined by magnificent stone buildings associated with its historical past and it offers the tourist a fabulous variety of activities including the Goldfields Exhibition Museum, the Railway Museum, Warden Finnerty's Residence, the Pioneer and Coolgardie Cemeteries, Ben Prior's Park, and a walk along Bayley Street to view the heritage architecture.

Golden Quest Discovery Trail

Golden Quest Discovery Trail

Coolgardie is the kick off point for the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, a 956km self-drive adventure through WAs outback and one of the worlds most famous gold producing areas. This journey takes you past 25 interpretive panels covering the regions history, flora and fauna, and passes through several historical mining towns, legendary pubs, Gwalia Ghost Town and Lake Ballard with its fascinating sculptures arising from the massive salt lake.
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Golden Pipeline

Follow the Golden Pipeline, a 650km drive from Perth to Kalgoorlie full of information and sites exploring the building of the historic 1890s pipeline that provides essential water to the dry goldfields region.

Lake Ballard

Lake Ballard

51 life-size abstract statues stand in a seven square kilometre area of this remote salt lake, an stunning example of the diverse beauty of the Australian Outback.

National Parks and Nature Reserves

Cave Hill, Burra Rock and Victoria Rock intriguing rock formations shaped by the elements over the last 60 million years, notable for its Aboriginal and European history. Explore the ancient cave formations and historic water catchment dams on the granite outcrops.

Rowles Lagoon

Rowles Lagoon

Approximately 75km north of Coolgardie this semi-permanent wetland lake is a great picnic spot and is popular for bird watching, swimming and water sports.

Wallaroo Rocks

Wallaroo Rocks features 3 dams with plenty of water most of the year and great scenic views.

Ora Banda

An historic gold mining town, home to the infamous Ora Banda Tavern. Great for a relaxing lunch or afternoon visit to the restored Inn.

Coolgardie Day - 3rd Sunday in September each year

A fantastic field day with something of a mining slant, where over 10,000 people flock to the town. Coolgardie Day includes Market stalls, Vintage Car display, parade, carnival rides and live entertainment.

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